Presenting… Doll & Discarnate

Today is the release day for the 19th A-Z poetry book, Doll & Discarnate. It is available for Kindle and in Paperback via Amazon.

I will confess that this book was struggle. I wrote a few pieces for it at the end of 2018. The bulk of the poems were written intermittently through 2019 while I was also finishing up Written & Whim. Then 2020 happened, The first two and half months of 2020 were spent being ill with the flu and a cold. The pandemic arrived and grief, worry, and concern became the overwhelming themes to my day and sucked the life out of my creativity (and myself). But thanks to the occasional brief spurt of creativity energy, I managed to come close to finishing Doll & Discarnate. The last few pieces were written in early 2021.

Despite the struggle, I adore the finished product and I am very proud of it. To have this “light”, after so much grief-filled and depressing darkness, is so wonderful and soothing.

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 12


Grab a phantom
I do not know because
I know too damn well
That I will need safe passage
As I travel through shadows
Sharpening their teeth
Against my reality
Twisted up in
The ruins of my energy
Leaving me shredding apart
As I travel through shadows
Wanting me for their very own
Not ready to go home after all
Hope strung on delicate threads
I wove from my hair cascading
Like dew over the lands
While I seek a phantom
I do not know

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 11


Carve out a soul
Of your own despise
While the rain pours
Crimson and cold
Into snow it swirls
Aching with its lust
For another day
Everlasting on whiskey’s
Inhale to hide secrets
In the ruins of bones
Charred and broken
Waiting to carve more
Than a comatose memory
Of revisions incompletely
Carve out a soul
Of your own demise

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 10


Drown in the black holes
Circling your priceless counsel
Lock down and lick poison
Friendlier than this passage
Where we hold hands to keep
Our heads above water
Water we cannot tread
Nor quench our growing thirst
As we silently give way to
Drown in black holes
Circling your priceless counsel

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 9


The lengths I will go to
Keep you on the brink
Of absolute demise brings
My utter delight in the night
Think I thought I saw
You cry out at the injustice
Of all my ministrations
And I just laughed
Never consider the hows
The paths that converged
To bring you here to my
Cliff side as I push harder
Still to the brink
Then down, down you
Must go after all
Once we lost grip on
What is truth and what
Might be your lies
To keep you alive