Poetry Book Wednesday – The Heart of Autumn

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is The Heart of Autumn which was published on September 13, 2011. It is the very first book I published. I don’t really remember the writing process of the book but, as writing came to a close on it, I realized I should finally start publishing my poetry rather than constantly contemplating the idea of publication.

The Heart of Autumn
The Heart of Autumn is available through Amazon. Kindle – $1.99 and Paperback – $6.99. The other 19 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon.

Tuesday Tabellion – Reflections at the end of 2017

As I complete Glyph & Grey and 2017 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past few years.

The first poetry book I ever published was The Heart of Autumn on September 13, 2011. The first poetry book of 100 poems I published was Smoke & Spirit on October 9, 2012. I started writing Smoke & Spirit in August 2011 along with Flare & Fetter. Since their publishing, I have published 13 other 100 poem books of new work, 4 other smaller books of poems I wrote prior to 2011, 5 collected works, and 16 chapbooks.

From August 2011 through today (and the completion of Glyph & Grey), I have written 1515 poems toward stand alone poetry books which roughly averages out to 288 poems a year. I have also written another 300 or so poems in attempts at novels in verse and other poetic styles. One of these days, those poems might come out to play but for now, they sit and wait for me to decide what their fates will be.

While all the poems are personal to me in one way or another, Flare & Fetter remains one of the most personal books as it was written while I was “forced” to confront significant issues with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition and other issues do play out in other books and their poems but not in the same way.

The most challenging book to write was Hallow & Hearth. I wanted to give myself a writing challenge, and it delivered fully. I never expected letter H would give me such problems because it only applied to the titles. For a long time though, it and some personal crap stifled my creativity and I did not write. When I did write, H was very easy to deal with in short bursts of awesomeness.

The quickest book to write was Passion & Prudence. I wrote its 100 poems in 30 days as a creative endurance challenge. I continue to be amazed that I did so well. The poems turned out fantastically. My brain did feel like ooze for awhile after I was done but it was worth it.

My absolutely favorite book continues to be Russian Hymns, a collected work of poems from several books. These poems were inked to and/or involve a fictional character I had often dreamed about nicknamed The Undertaker aka Zephyr. I still dream of him from time to time but nowhere to the extent I use to. I have no idea why he is such a vivid creation in my dreams. Supposedly, the faces we see in our dreams are faces we have seen before. The Undertaker’s entire physical form is very precise in my dreams but I have absolutely no recollection of ever seeing such a face or encountering such a person.


Poetry Wednesday: Snow


This Mayfair mistress held
Hostage by the snow
Driven with meager intentions
Have no reason to cry tears
They’ll be your everything
Stumbling over drifts of
Massacred flesh lost
At sea set afire
For what you’ll never do
Roped up around the neck
Dangling waiting to be
Broken down as you
Stumble and fake it
With false destinies
Set your heart alight
And hold on to the
Melting snow

October’s Free Kindle Download – Final Days

The Heart of AutumnOctober’s Free Kindle Download is The Heart of Autumn. The Heart of Autumn will be available for free from October 7th through October 11th. Please download, read, and enjoy. Reviews are always appreciated.

Poetry Wednesday: She Brings

She Brings

She brings out the secrets in othersThe Heart of Autumn
Sees the secrets trying
Trying so desperate to hide
So much hate for her
Afraid that she will spill
Spill more than blood
When the day is said and done

She brings out the worst in others
Brings those skeletons out
To parade across her face
Strip her down and make the world a mess for her
Leave her black, blue and crimson
Shatter her so she no longer knows
Who she is, torn between the reality
And the visions she clings to
To hide from the monsters lingering under
Illusions of serene flesh

She brings out the worst in others
Brings out the worst in herself
As she cries out on bended splintered knees
In her mind’s eye
A mind fragmented, scrambling to cope
Scrambling to find a mask
That will make everything seem peaceful
The calm ocean surface
Hiding the death awaiting within
Much like those who leave her broken
Taking much more than their lies
From what she is

The tattoos of pain dancing
Across her torn skin
Torn in the agony of piecing her mind

Piecing her mind together again
Preparing it for another attack from enemies
She cannot see and see absolute
Bracing for another arrow of words for her heart
Another fist to find placement on her body
Always finding their targets perfectly

She brings out the hate in others
So she hates herself, punishes herself
For shortcomings she cannot unravel
Making her flesh bleed
Bleed out their words ripping her up
Ripping from the inside out
Seeping the hate out in little rivers
Rivers marking tracts along the scars
Little pain pictures for her to relish
If she could only remember how
How the marks got there

She brings out the violence in others
Only to wear it for herself
A testament to the evil she
Holds within that wants
To feel, feel the pain
Pain she can never tolerate
But cannot get enough of
So they strip her down and make
Her world a mess to sift through
Her fingers as she cries, bleeds
Making the clay to build anew

She brings out herself in others