Poetry Wednesday – Strigoi


Strigoi seeking me out
As I run from, run to
Downy softness of my bed
Drenched in blood long forgotten
Still dripping down to floorboards
Warped like dreams of escape
Fascinating in experimental essence
Roaming around unguarded misguided
As I run to, run from
Strigoi seeking me out
In general torrid necrophilia
Brighter than the morgue’s steel
Surrounding me in glimmers
Dance like stars in night
Behind my closing eyes slowly
As I run to, run from
Downy softness of my bed

NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 7


In black robes, they lick their lips
As they move in mass
Toward anticipation of earth
Piling up with each shovel full
Black robes whipping around ankles
Weaker with each prayer
Of not today muttered
With dried cracking lips
Devoid of warm bloody kisses
Earth may be more inviting
Than the truth contains
Colder than anticipated
Such a lover’s embrace
Toward anticipation of earth
Piling up with each shovel full
Waiting to cascade and bury
Weakness into earthy prayer
Never mind if the victim is willing
The earth will have a lover
Black robes or not

NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 4

Closed Eyes

Close eyes to hearts above
Grief breaking the silence
Built up in the corners
Of minds and coffins
Waiting impatient for more
More than this fleeting immortality
Strapped to the back of music
Flowing devilishly silent
Through halls of upsets
Turning away the daylight
And moonlight alike in its
Madness eternal and infernally
Beautiful and delicate
Flitting about on music notes
Only it can pay witness of
While being most encouraging to
Closed eyes to hearts alone

NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 3


Across the morning gloom
I scream I scream
Hoping life might hear
My undying spell
Underpinning darkness
Beneath my heart and hearth
Skipping every beat I make
With my palms on mirrors
Unbreakable in the feelings
Discouraged where gloom is
Never quite enough to know
Where I stand as I gasp
Across the morning gloom

NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 2


Creep down the garden path
Rotting ivy does reach
Further trying to reclaim
A place in the sun
Survival once more
Despite the darkness
Engulfing its beauty
Leaving it to find
New ways, new paths
Yet it refuses
New reality’s claim
Unleashing new burdens
Instead of learning
Grow anew in beautiful dark
Creep down the garden path
Slow death march
Rotting ivy does make