Poetry Wednesday – Music Box

Music Box

Music box twinkling out
Its final death wailing
Delicate banshee for
My ears only while I
Twirl on, final moments
Chasing me down
Pull at my limbs
Eager shadows in devour
Of my fluid nature
Across a thorny dance floor
Music box plays on
Its final death wailing
Delicate banshee for
My ear only while
I twirl on, leaving crimson
Splattering about my sides
Eager shadows in devour
Of my dying nature
Across a fading dance floor

Poetry Wednesday – Turn


Turn the night green
Wash it clean in absinthe
Pouring out from eyes
Lost sight of justification
Longer than nighttime
When stars arise
Silver paint across
Night tattered unclean
Turn the night green
Wash it clean in absinthe
Just to hear it scream

Poetry Wednesday – Rougarou


The enemy shared
Betwixt our hearts
Calls home the Rougarou
Glass souls calling out
Our names in hex
One less immolation
To worry over in delivery
As we ascend offerings
Must appease Rougarou
Feasting along riverbeds
Flow through soon forgotten
The enemy shared
Betwixt our hearts
Plucked and presented forth
To the maw of Rougarou

Poetry Wednesday – My Roots

My Roots

From the ashes at my roots
Of my thorns descending
I will find restoration
Once upon a melody
Driving me into traditions
I never knew but know so
Well as I sway to commands
Familiar as my own name
Icy and lovely while the end
Calls me sweetly to sleep
On battlefields growing darker
With each sweep of my roots
Through the blood soaked soil
Giving way to piles of ash

NaPoWriMo Review

And another NaPoWriMo is done. This was my sixth NaPoWriMo. This year wasn’t as successful as other years but it certainly was not the worst. I ended up with 45 new poems across 4 different poetry books. I had intended to write more for Written & Whim so it would be done and ready for publishing soon.

However, life had other plans. An emergency tooth extraction on April 11th made the rest of the month kind of odd as things aren’t healing, recovering as quickly as I would like. Prior to the extraction, I had been more tired than what is typical. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so for me to notice this, the exhaustion was WAY intense. I suspect, now, it was due to my body fighting the infection that led to the tooth extraction. Worse than usual exhaustion remains – though not as badly – through recovery. I only have so much energy to give things, anything, in a given day. The infection, the extraction, and the recovery have been consuming most of it.

I had hoped to go to a concert during the month but fatigue vetoed that. I wasn’t a total recluse during the month though. I managed to go to the coffee shop a few times to write even if I didn’t really want to. The days I want to spend the entire day in bed, I force myself to get out even if it is for an hour at the coffee shop and I make myself write. I may go back to bed when I get home but, at least, I did something productive with my day.

I spent Easter with my niece and nephew. On April 6th, I worked a craft & art show. Sadly, the crowd was minimal at best. I sold nothing. My friend sold 2 items. It was very disappointing yet we forge ahead with getting our art out to the people.

I did quite a bit of sewing prior to the show as I constructed more drawstring backpacks out of my fabric stash as well as create an Easter-themed mixed media piece and an Easter-themed mosaic.

I started figuring out how to make things from polymer clay which was prompted by an idea for a mixed media art project but being unable to find the components in order to make it a reality. I need to finish constructing the clay components this coming week so I can start on the project. I also have several mosaics in various states of creation. Working hard to motivate myself to finish them. A few have been languishing, unfinished, for a while.

My hopes for May are:
– Complete most, if not all, of my mixed media art project
– Finish off at least 3 of the 6 mosaics I have in progress
– Finish the sewing project I have sitting on my cutting table
– Finish the clay pot art project I have sitting on my work table
– Finish Written & Whim while making more progress on Doll & Discarnate, Letters & Locks, and Tincture & Thorn
– Finish the healing process of the tooth extraction site
– Have a very successful craft show on May 11th

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 30

Rose Thorns

In this garden
I will pierce
My heart with
Rose’s thorns
Better than capitulating
To the thunder
Burning through my soul
Using it up until
I am nothing more
Fading petals on
The garden’s path
Trampled to decay’s
Fully embraced intent
In this garden
I am home as I
Pluck a rose of
My heart’s choosing
On which I
I will pierce
Its thorns to heart

NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 29


Listen to me stay as you walk
Away in mortification
At what we danced to
Once in a hurt, sweetest misery
Descended upon us without
Warnings and flashing lights
Intense glamour at its side
Blinding us to what came to be
Listen to me stay as you walk
Away in disgust
Epitome of our dance
Once in a misery, sweetest hurt
Cascaded up on us without
Warnings and flashing lights