NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 3

Scattered Flowers

Gather scattered flowers
Across my nightmare-laden
Seas of slumber
Thunder like tides
Threatening me black and blue
Never the same song
And dance twice in memory
Draped across the moon full
Of it own disdained ego
Colors of silver and grey
Shone in my ropes
Of disastrous repose
Into scattered flowers

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 2

The Toxic

Let the toxic out
Cut cords holding
Me hostage in anxiety
Fueled by the past
Intent on digging in
Deeper its claws go
But no more, no more
I wail because I am
No longer living
A ghost in passage
Of my own time
And torrid lifestyle
Making sporadic contact
Poetic code in ink and page
Determined to not let
The cords weigh me down
Yet I let them win again
But no more, no more
Let the toxic out
Cut the cords

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 1

My Roses

My roses are still under moonlight
Twist and shiver in their fright
Come to life, my roses
The night isn’t so terrifying
With the moonlight on its wings
Inciting howls from the creatures
Which linger beneath your thorns
Light on their little feet
Instead of tucked into beds
Of earth you nurture ever so
My roses are bowed under moonlight
Shiver and twist in their fight

Poetry Wednesday – Strigoi


Strigoi seeking me out
As I run from, run to
Downy softness of my bed
Drenched in blood long forgotten
Still dripping down to floorboards
Warped like dreams of escape
Fascinating in experimental essence
Roaming around unguarded misguided
As I run to, run from
Strigoi seeking me out
In general torrid necrophilia
Brighter than the morgue’s steel
Surrounding me in glimmers
Dance like stars in night
Behind my closing eyes slowly
As I run to, run from
Downy softness of my bed

NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 7


In black robes, they lick their lips
As they move in mass
Toward anticipation of earth
Piling up with each shovel full
Black robes whipping around ankles
Weaker with each prayer
Of not today muttered
With dried cracking lips
Devoid of warm bloody kisses
Earth may be more inviting
Than the truth contains
Colder than anticipated
Such a lover’s embrace
Toward anticipation of earth
Piling up with each shovel full
Waiting to cascade and bury
Weakness into earthy prayer
Never mind if the victim is willing
The earth will have a lover
Black robes or not