Poetry Book Wednesday – Zephyr & Zinc

Starting off Poetry Book Wednesday with Zephyr & Zinc which was published on August 12, 2014. Hard to believe it has been four years since its release. While I adore all 20 of my poetry books, Zephyr & Zinc, the 13th book, is one that holds a special place in my heart.

Zephyr & Zinc continued where Unlined & Undertakers left off as dreams go wrong and turn to anger while furthering the themes of change and coping with those changes or the lacking of coping. Passion, anger, exhaustion, hope, and the path to centering self comes along the winds of Zephyr & Zinc.

Ink to hold me dear
Skittish dream so sweet
I need to thrive
To express my dreams
Never as sweet as they seem

Zephyr & Zinc is available through Amazon. Kindle – $2.99 and Paperback – $9.99. The other 19 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon.

Tuesday Tabellion – Who Is?

Question: Who is the ‘he’ and who is the ‘she’ in your poems?

Answer: This answer largely depends on the context of the poem and the reader’s perception. Some poems – especially those written early on – do have a specific person attached to them. The poems which came to make up Russian Hymns are about a fictional character named Zephyr. Unlined & Undertakers and Zephyr & Zinc pay homage to Zephyr as well. A few poems after Russian Hymns, Zephyr & Zinc, and Unlined & Undertakers also reference him. Typically, these later poems make note of hymns. Why he sings hymns remains a mystery to me. Zephyr, at his core, is not a nice person and only gives the illusion of being wholesome, loving, better than he is. In some ways, he has evolved to be the general meaning of ‘he’ in a lot of poems. There are times where I think Zephyr has always been ‘he’ but grew to be more of a solid entity then returned to a more incorporeal state of existence as words and emotional needs are fickle. Predominately, ‘he’ and ‘she’ are a reference to creativity or to some personification of a harbinger of dying/death. Again, which is which depends on context and perception. I am not always sure myself and I wrote the poems. I am certain there are times where ‘he’ and ‘she’ are a direct reference to death but I can never seem to pinpoint the exact poems in which this occurs.

Release Day for Zephyr & Zinc

zephyrcoverZephyr & Zinc continues where Unlined & Undertakers left off as dreams go wrong and turn to anger while furthering the themes of change and coping with those changes or the lacking of coping. Passion, anger, exhaustion, hope, and the path to centering self comes along the winds of Zephyr & Zinc. It is available as a $2.99 Kindle book and as a $9.99 trade paperback.

State of Chaos

I’ve been most neglectful of this blog for the month of June. A few pre-scheduled posts about the month’s free Kindle download and that has been it. No Poetry Wednesday, no updates, nothing more. Why? Well, I’ve been working on the third move in nine-ten months. My time with my nephew has come to an end. I will miss him but I have also missed my typical day-to-day routines and my fur babies.

I knew it was truly time for me to go in May but things were delayed a bit as my sister got her ducks in a row to become a stay-at-home mom. Truthfully, I’m surprised it took her so long to do this. I figured out she’d eventually become a stay-at-home mom within 2-3 weeks of the baby’s birth.

In end of May/June, I worked really hard to complete Zephyr & Zinc and Xenium & Xyris. I was becoming quite frustrated that it was taking me so long to finish those books. I should not have been so frustrated considering I spent, since mid-April or so, 70 to 90 hours a week tending to my nephew, cooking meals, cleaning house, and grocery shopping. How I managed to get any writing or editing done from December till now continues to mystify me with everything else going on.

Those hours and their chaos have caught up to me though. I did okay in the beginning but now, I am very sick and will be spending the bulk of the next two months trying to recover. It may take longer than that but not sure if I can surrender so much time. Still, I have a long to-do list for the month of July including participation in the second session of Camp NaNoWriMo and getting my editing business back up and running. I also need to finish editing and formatting Zephyr & Zinc and Xenium & Xyris.

July and August will contain the theme of looking for a place to live. I am moving back to my mom’s house for the time being. Not looking forward to being around her ever-growing hoard of stuff. I’m trying not to think about the hoard. I’m trying to focus on spending time writing, recovering, reading, and cuddling my fur babies. I do not have much in the way of housing prospects right now because my income is very itty bitty but I am optimistic to find something and move into it by September which would make make for four moves in a year. Have I mentioned how much I despise moving?

I did have a small vacation in the month of June. I went to Vegas for 2.5 days and 2 nights for a Symposium in regards to volunteer work I’ve been doing for almost 3 years now. Most of the cost was covered by the volunteer organization which is why I was able to go. I became debt-free in May. There was no way I was going to allow myself to go into a small amount of debt again in order to go on “vacation”.

The Symposium was decent but not as informative as I had been hoping. I have fun getting away for awhile. A friend, who also attended the Symposium, and I went to see Thunder Down Under one night, Cheesiest experience ever. I continue to be baffled about how we let her husband talk us into going (so he could go to some other show guilt-free). I did get to see my paternal grandmother and her husband which was really nice as it has been almost three years since I last saw them. We had a lovely dinner together my first evening out there.

This weekend is the moving of the last bits of stuff aka the furniture. Hope it goes smoothly, and I dearly hope that I will be able to setup up my furniture at my mom’s house on Monday so I have a decent work space and a comfy bed. Last I checked, the bedroom I’ll be using/guest room continues to be overrun with stuff, and the other bedroom where the guest bed will go is so full that only a small walking path exists. My hope is minimal but maybe I’ll get to be surprised.

Poetry Wednesday should be back for July as will general posting.


NaPoWriMo 2014 & Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 30

Today is the last day for NaPoWriMo & Camp NaNoWriMo. I gave it my best. I finished out my Camp NaNoWriMo goal of 20,000 words yesterday with 20,018. I did complete Zephyr & Zinc which was nice.

I have no poem for today. The same as the prior days. My sister got sick after they came home from Belgium. A short while later, the baby ended up sick. After 3 days of being sneezed, coughed, and drooled on, I became sick too. I spent Days 26 & 27 primarily in bed asleep. I did crank out a bunch of editing on Sunday. An hour of sleep, a chapter of the manuscript, an hour of sleep, another chapter. Rinse. Repeat.

The editing work completed in full on Day 28 despite absolute and utter exhaustion. Day 29 had me going stir-crazy. My sister and brother-in-law were working from home so I managed to escape during regular daylight hours for some me time but writing was not forthcoming. Today reminds me that I should not have gone out yesterday. I can barely keep my eyes open. Of course, the nephew seems to be doing better. He’s eating more, and is extremely hyper. Barely functional Auntie and a hyper baby = my personal version of Hell. Day 28 wasn’t all that great either with very weak & sick Auntie and a baby sick with a cold & bronchitis.

So this month of writing exstravaganza ends on a down note. It was good while it lasted. I wrote far more than I thought I would.

In total, I wrote 46 poems.