N.L. has been a dreaming and creative individual from a very young age. She was eager to learn to sewing, cooking, music, and other forms of artistic expression as soon as she could communicate the desire to do so. While growing up, Nicole often felt out of place because her creative nature seemed so different from the others in her life.

This did not deter her and she continued to hone her creative interests and skills in sewing, writing, and anything else that caught her attention as a way to express a dream and/or idea. While poetry has long been N.L.’s primary form of creative expression, she loves to turn paints, beads, fabrics, and other objects into more direct and tangible art. 

N.L.’s abstract art finds itself on bases of wood or canvas. She also curates fabrics into one-of-a-kind drawstring tote bags. N.L. is part of an artists’ collective, Patchwork Chicken Studio, and sells her art through their shop platform.