Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

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November often sneaks up on me but this year was especially bad. More than halfway through the month now and I still cannot believe it is November. I am happy that it more of a normal November than last year’s though Pandemic World still makes it weird. Setting up a craft show and then selling at said show while masked is weird. Doable but weird. Weird being among people too.

I’ve pretty much only left the house for essential errands, as I have an autoimmune condition and such, since March 2020 so I’m a little rusty on the social skills and being out amongst the people. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve been fully vaccinated + booster for Covid, had my flu shot, and I’m masked. It is a change. I think I did okay for the first show of the season this past weekend. The show, Old Home Vintage Market, was one that Patchwork Chicken Studio hadn’t done before – we just visited it in 2019 – and we did well at it so I suspect we will try to return in the future. Normally, show season kicks off for us at the end of October but several of the shows opted not to have them this year which is entirely understandable. Pandemic World is a very uncertain, ever changing, tumultuous place.

Aside from the shows, I’ve been working through NaNoWriMo. Just journaling this year. Poetry hasn’t been very forthcoming lately. Haven’t felt overly creative in a few weeks due to a lot of emotional turmoil, stress, and the distractions of show prep. I’m hoping that I can get back to the creative side of things very soon. I miss it.

Art – Pisces & Gemini

Today, two abstract mixed media art pieces – Pisces & Gemini – are on their way to their new home. I am always delighted when my works find their “people”.

Presenting… Doll & Discarnate

Today is the release day for the 19th A-Z poetry book, Doll & Discarnate. It is available for Kindle and in Paperback via Amazon.

I will confess that this book was struggle. I wrote a few pieces for it at the end of 2018. The bulk of the poems were written intermittently through 2019 while I was also finishing up Written & Whim. Then 2020 happened, The first two and half months of 2020 were spent being ill with the flu and a cold. The pandemic arrived and grief, worry, and concern became the overwhelming themes to my day and sucked the life out of my creativity (and myself). But thanks to the occasional brief spurt of creativity energy, I managed to come close to finishing Doll & Discarnate. The last few pieces were written in early 2021.

Despite the struggle, I adore the finished product and I am very proud of it. To have this “light”, after so much grief-filled and depressing darkness, is so wonderful and soothing.

NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 12


Grab a phantom
I do not know because
I know too damn well
That I will need safe passage
As I travel through shadows
Sharpening their teeth
Against my reality
Twisted up in
The ruins of my energy
Leaving me shredding apart
As I travel through shadows
Wanting me for their very own
Not ready to go home after all
Hope strung on delicate threads
I wove from my hair cascading
Like dew over the lands
While I seek a phantom
I do not know