NaPoWriMo Day 22 – Disgrace


Soon to be departed
From this land anew
Intersecting patterns
I did follow seeking
A new disgrace to
Hang my halo upon
Stumbled and slept
Long than nights plentiful
With the cracks in
My halo to warm me
Hunger, thirst kept at bay
Through lackluster days
Danger steeped into crevasses
Soon to be departed
From this land anew
Centered in the palm
Of my blood-coated hand
Reaching a new disgrace


NaPoWriMo Day 21 – Delicate Spell

Delicate Spell

Eluded I am by the words
Describing you, the one
Desired wholeheartedly as
Worlds dance and collide
Around where I stand looking
Waiting for a hand to hold
A partner to dance with
Eluded I am by the words
To call you to me though
I try with every verse
A delicate spell in shadows
I cast every day to quell
A darker reverie where
Worlds dance and collide
All for my lonely amusement

NaPoWriMo Day 20 – Shadow


Explode into the realm
Essence of beads and ink
Shiny, glittery, strong, fragile
Attention will not be garnered
Though no matter the array
A shadow person through and through
Existing, barely noticed by anyone
Only a select few see but never
The ones wanted yet shadow
Does notice beauty others fail
To see in surroundings, movements
Words worthy of ink’s display

NaPoWriMo Day 19 – Scorpion


Scorpion’s dagger drives deeper
Than thought possible by witness
Does not care as he twists it
In my heart in time to his
Venomous hymns scarring my soul
A burden even in death
I shall hear his torments
Reminding how different things
Could have been once should I
Have surrendered to deathly tales
Be there no happily ever after here
On venomous dagger’s edge
Casting me out into ghoulish rage
And longing adorned by white shrouds
Billowing along watery shores

NaPoWriMo Day 18 – Moon’s Shadow

Moon’s Shadow

Beneath the moon’s shadow
I found mother waiting on me
Guide me away from where
I was left to wander
In thirteen steps I travel
Skip then dance for meanings
Drove me far and out
Into an insanity left marring
My intentions I script
On shredded papers hasty
Floating on the wind
Into water they perish
Without thought or scream
Beneath the moon’s shadow
They found final peace as
I found mother waiting on me
Guide me away from where
I needed to be for mother
Bears ill-will in misunderstanding
Her rhymes and meters always
In flux around a blackened heart
Thirteen steps I could break free
But thorns disintegrate me at
Mother’s commanding screams
Beneath the moon’s shadow

NaPoWriMo Day 17 – Magical Ways

Magical Ways

When your name is spoken
An ill-begotten prayer
A spell woven but forgotten
I cry a black river
Forced to swim through
Reliving all we were
In memories misplaced
Repressed so I could
Pretend I did not need
Your magical ways yet
When your name is spoken
An ill-begotten prayer
A spell woven but forgotten
I cry a black river
As I unravel inside

NaPoWriMo Day 16 – Seams


Swore it wouldn’t hurt me
Should it come around again
But I came apart at
The inked seams I
So delicately stitched together
In order to move, function
Pretend at humanity even though
Humanity – long before the
Destruction – leaving me
With stitch and seam
Tried to find a place
To belong, only to fine
A pain I never wanted
To know in another context
One was already too much
Swore it wouldn’t hurt me
Make me bleed
Red, black, and blue
Like it had once upon
A pain to inked thread
So delicately stitched into
Myself to seal my wounds