Full-Length Poetry Books

The Heart of Autumn
The Soul of Winter
The Tears of Spring
The Breath of Summer
Little Lines I Shared with Death

Smoke & Spirit
Flare & Fetter
Ink & Ice
Unlined & Undertakers
Kirsch & Kerosene
Obiter & Oleander
Zephyr & Zinc
Xenium & Xyris
Nightmares & Nevermore
Elysian & Ether
Passion & Prudence
Vervain & Vice
Yowl & Yarrow
Hallow & Hearth
Glyph & Grey
Mourning & Melancholia
Altars & Avatars
Written & Whim
Doll & Discarnate


Collected Works

Seasons of Self: Autumn & Winter
Seasons of Self: Spring & Summer
Moments of Self: Volume One
Moments of Self: Volume Two
Chained Ophelia
Russian Hymns


The Kisses of Midnight
The Poisons of Noon
The Blood of Night
The Songs of Dusk
The Visions of Dawn
The Words of Morning
The Eulogies of Dream
The Solitude of Harvest
The Mirth of Equinox
The Embrace of Solstice

Inscribed Idolatry
Inscribed Inquisition
Inscribed Invocation
Garden Gates
Garden Gales
Garden Grace