Poetry Wednesday – Doubt


Truth in the deceit
Laid to waste by
Doubt I could not replace
By midnight coming to
A million pieces like
Stars above I become
Blind to the plight of
As minutes tick away
Promised the sky so
High above to be warmed
By truth in the deceit
Laid to waste by
Doubt you did not take
By midnight coming to
A million pieces


Poetry Wednesday – Dolls


Cut my grosgrain ribbons
With bloody rusty scissors
While Mama cried and yelled
As if her little girl
Was abandoning all
Hopes and dreams
Of an upbringing
Anything less than dramatic
A box of matches
Set alight in flight
Softer than grosgrain
Spun around lies
Dress them up as
Little dolls so no one
Sees the broken hearts
Rotting inside the illusions
I grew weary of one day
And I cut my ribbons
With scissors rusted by
My own blood

Poetry Wednesday – Darken


Darken all my dreams
Does thee when sunset comes
Across our torrid landscapes
Carved from grey matter
We once thought to fashion
Into a higher being than
Ourselves but failed with
Every mark of blades dull
Bloody and nicking arteries
Unseen by naked eyes
Burning out monstrous
Sunlight behind eclipses
Darkening all my dreams

Poetry Wednesday – Written


Move through the motions
Hear me not … nothing more
Than an inked screaming
On curling notebook paper
Lined in bleeding blue
Where my tears may have
Fallen down without permission
Into my little church of
Written solace
Where only I hear the terror
The torment of the darkness
Creeping about my essence
So hungry for lasting agonies
No matter my efforts to
Break free from this
Moving through the motions
So no one truly sees
Scars creating my notebook

Poetry Wednesday – Sheets


Under sheets of plague
Worlds distend out before
My moon damaged by
The sun in lessons too
Violent to place in inked
Memories bitter and shaped
By the black ink tattoos
Undulating on the sheets
Horribly diseased to know
Their own intentions
How quickly they destroy
Songs in my head
While I am pushed
Back to this blank space
Under sheets of plague

Poetry Wednesday – Dragon


Onyx dragon dancing
In the corners of
My night memory
Grasping a roll of parchment
Between his blood-stained talons
I plead to read for
I know it is meant
To be seen by my eyes
And mine alone yet
He does not surrender
Acknowledge my rights as
If I am not ready
To know what the night
Wishes for me as it
Stretches long like the
Onyx dragon’s tail
Curling around my corners

Poetry Wednesday – Wail


Long to write about
Anything other than you
Finally felt I had broken
Your tantalizing spell
Words beyond your grace
Did flow so beautiful
Than you re-emerged
Macabre butterfly
Spreading poetic disease
All-encompassing on
My pen and paper
Wail I do
A binding spell
Over and over again
Yet you haunt me
Poisoning the ink within
My exhausted psyche