Poetry Wednesday – Dragon


Onyx dragon dancing
In the corners of
My night memory
Grasping a roll of parchment
Between his blood-stained talons
I plead to read for
I know it is meant
To be seen by my eyes
And mine alone yet
He does not surrender
Acknowledge my rights as
If I am not ready
To know what the night
Wishes for me as it
Stretches long like the
Onyx dragon’s tail
Curling around my corners


Poetry Wednesday – Wail


Long to write about
Anything other than you
Finally felt I had broken
Your tantalizing spell
Words beyond your grace
Did flow so beautiful
Than you re-emerged
Macabre butterfly
Spreading poetic disease
All-encompassing on
My pen and paper
Wail I do
A binding spell
Over and over again
Yet you haunt me
Poisoning the ink within
My exhausted psyche

Poetry Wednesday – Flaws


Improvements to the self
Always striving
But for what ends do I
Suffer in this journey
Can I not be enough without
These changes intense
In their challenge to
Improve supposed flaws
I have been convinced I
Contain within leading me
Astray down lonely paths
Constantly seeking new
Where I never truly fit
Yet I try – always failing
Thinking my flaws are too
Great not that the journey
Is the wrong one

Poetry Wednesday – Wraiths


Wraiths come out to play
While I wait on a friend
To conjure together
Once imaginary friends
Wraiths use to be until
Fights broke out along
Blurry lines of life and death
Leaving me as paper
Soaked in confused tears
Sitting amongst old friends
Ignoring all the patterns
We once cherished so
While I wait on a friend

Poetry Wednesday – Paper Prison

Paper Prison

I searched high and low
Betwixt the lines of pages
I wrote on for where ever
I placed, stuck you
Remember or forget
I cannot quite recall
All the little things
I wrote which caused
Movement stagnation
Split us apart
Became a paper prison
Inked poison keeps you
From me, from yourself
Yet I search

Poetry Wednesday – Waltz


Wash my frustrations away
In your own imagination
Deeper than the pool of crimson
Where I dipped my toes
Awaking you to my presence
Once upon a forsaking
We did come together
To waltz on bodies
Exsanguinated broken
Tiles upon slick floor
Firming up your imagination
In the ink I do toil
Once upon a forsaking
We did come together
To waltz

Poetry Book Wednesday – The Heart of Autumn

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is The Heart of Autumn which was published on September 13, 2011. It is the very first book I published. I don’t really remember the writing process of the book but, as writing came to a close on it, I realized I should finally start publishing my poetry rather than constantly contemplating the idea of publication.

The Heart of Autumn
The Heart of Autumn is available through Amazon. Kindle – $1.99 and Paperback – $6.99. The other 19 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon.