This box was created as a gift for the Swedish metal band, Avatar. The box was placed in the ‘Royal Museum of Depictions of the King’ at the Denver stop of the Avatar Country World Tour on January 31, 2018.

The exterior of the box features red and muted yellow branchy swirls.

Each of the five band members are represented in a design element:
– The silver skull with long black beads to represent Johannes (and his cane)
– The gold crown to represent Kungen (The King)
– The red balloon is for Tim in homage of his red guitar
– The black balloon is for Henrik in homage of his beautiful black bass he got for this tour
– The gold balloon is for John in reference to the cymbals and large amount of yellow/gold coloration in the designs on his drum kit

In the center, the band’s stylized A from their name logo.

The wood tray is 6 inches x 9 inches x 1.5 inches. The paints used were acrylic with a pearlescent overlay on the back and sides followed by an overall clear gloss coat. The beads are Czech glass beads in seven different colors. The crown is gold-plated lead-free nickel. The skull is silver-plated lead-free nickel.

I did use to a template to trace out the stylized A to ensure it looked as close as possible to their logo. The other design elements – balloons and swirls – were sketched out freehand. I struggle to trace things so I was most impressed that I managed to create these design elements and have them look close to what I envisioned.