Carach Angren

Mosaic Box Fan Art for the Dutch Horror Metal band, Carach Angren. It made its way into their possession on October 6, 2018 before their headlining show at The Marquis Theater in Denver.


  • The wood box is 15.25 cm by 22.86 cm by 5cm in size and painted to look like a ‘Pitch Black Box‘.
  • The center design is modeled after the Ouija board planchette.
  • The Taurus charm represents Namtar and the Scorpio charms represent Seregor and Ardek.
  • The skeleton hand appears as hand trying to escape the box, a hand working to traps souls in the box, and as a nod to the band’s aesthetic with skeletons and corpse paint.
  • The hematite stars pay homage to a portion of ‘The Shining was a Portent of Gloom‘, on Death Came Through a Phantom Ship, He looks at the stars with their comforting glare. But the lights above that once guided him home, scattered and shattered, are no longer there. Now dawning upon him like rays of the sun, his state and his fate cannot undone.
  • The black skeleton heads are lost souls trapped within the box.
  • There are black boxes within the black box.
  • Quartz lies beneath the skeletal hand. Quartz is often used to dispel evil and magic spells – either isn’t working or the hand is up to something (Charlie, is that you?).
  • Round Onyx gemstones represent the astrological water sign of Scorpio. Onyx is often used as a stone for anchoring the self and energy.
  • The black roses represent the earth, death, and that there is beauty even in decay.
  • The single white rose represents the 13th Tarot Card – Death. Death is often depicted on the card with a single white rose. The card represents change or stagnation and the rose means immortality. Change, stagnation, death, and immortality are all themes within Carach Angren’s music.
  • Clear silver-lined beads serve as a visual representation of energy lines
  • The components involved in this project are soft body acrylic paint, acrylic ink, acrylic sealant, gloss medium, assorted glass beads, non-magnetic hematite beads, metal charms, resin charms, onyx gemstone, and a quartz point.