Moments of Self: Volume One


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Consisting of The Kisses of Midnight, The Poisons of Noon, The Songs of Dusk, The Blood of Night, and The Visions of Dawn.

The Kisses of Midnight

A chapbook of seventeen pieces embracing the essence of Dark Romanticism

The Poisons of Noon

Sixteen testaments to the anguish that comes with love, and to the aggression that fills the heart when love betrays

The Songs of Dusk

Twenty verses exhibiting the yearning words inherent in songs and hidden songs at the core of words.

The Blood of Night

Of crimson and death
I verse
To create these twenty moments
Moments of blood in Night’s bed

The Visions of Dawn

They cannot hide from
Blue eyes deep and insightful
Dress up the truths in
Frilly gowns but the darkness
Always stains for me to
View and exploit if I
Wish it so