Moments of Self: Volume Two

Moments of Self Volume Two

  • The $9.99 Paperback is available through Amazon and CreateSpace
  • The $2.99 eBook will be available for Kindle soon

Consisting of The Words of Morning, The Eulogies of Dream, The Solitude of Harvest, The Mirth of Equinox, and The Embrace of Solstice.

The Words of Morning

More the ink has to say
To my world and its exceptions
Wanting the verses to scream
Let it all out into
A paper-thin world so
They cannot torment me any longer

The Eulogies of Dream

Crack open these nightmares
Floating across the bed and
Up the walls
Nothing to tether them down

The Solitude of Harvest

In memories gone by
Inner child once forgotten
Comes out to play
Forest dressed in green
Tinted with sweetest dew
Oblivion dear exists here

The Mirth of Equinox

Battles beyond the
Crisp and torn pages
But to the page
Everything is a war
Of words and emotion

The Embrace of Solstice

A treasure locked away
Even from me
Just a box of pine
With darkness inside
Shiny and new