The Cupcake Verses

Through the years, I have tried so many diets…so many. They all worked for a month or three but then I would start gaining the weight back even as I continued on the diet. With each diet, I ended up fatter than when I started. Between this roller coaster, eating disorders, and a sugar addiction, I have ended up becoming extremely overweight. I really thought the diets would help me but food restrictions drove to binge eating later.

I finally learned that I need healthier alternatives – real food – of the things I craved to enjoy in moderation. To stop depriving myself and turn the focus on nourishing while teaching myself that if I want something sweet like cake, I can have a small piece of cake as long as it is made from real ingredients and free of processed crud and refined sugar. Processed foods and refined sugar are the big factors in my issues with allergies, chronic pain, weight gain, and chronic fatigue.

I have tried to substitute foods I craved with other healthy foods, that had minerals and/or vitamins I might be lacking which supposedly drives the craving, but that always ended up with me binge eating what I originally craved.

The Cupcake Verses will consist of recipes made from natural ingredients. Most of the recipes will be sweet and/or carbohydrate-oriented ones as those foods are the biggest deal for me. I crave carbs and sugar often, and I am mostly likely to binge eat those when feeling deprived.

The majority of the savory recipes, that may grace this blog, will be designed to serve 1 or 2 people as I am cooking for just me and I am not a fan of leftovers. These recipes can be easily doubled or tripled.

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